Lifetime Engine Warranty

Key Auto Group is proud to offer a Lifetime Engine Program on eligible pre-owned vehicles purchased at one of our dealerships. Buy with confidence knowing that your vehicle’s engine is covered by this comprehensive engine warranty. For your vehicle to be  eligible for this unique perk, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The vehicle must be newer than current model year plus nine (9) prior years of age. January 1st of each year constitutes a model year change.
  2. The vehicle must have less than 160,000 kilometres on the Policy Effective Date.
  3. Vehicles are only eligible on the date they are sold from an authorized dealer.


Warranty Coverage

Key Auto Group’s Lifetime Engine Program covers the following item in regards to the Engine, Cylinder block (if damaged from within), and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine, including the following:

  1. cylinder heads;
  2. pistons;
  3. piston rings;
  4. connecting rod and bearings;
  5. crankshaft;
  6. crankshaft main bearings;
  7. OHC carriers,
  8. cover and module;
  9. camshaft;
  10. camshaft bearings;
  11. cam followers;
  12. timing chain or belt (unless the timing belt was not replaced as recommended by the Vehicle’s manufacturer);
  13. timing gears;
  14. timing chain cover;
  15. timing chain tensioners;
  16. timing chain and belt guides;
  17. timing belt pulley;
  18. engine serpentine belt tensioner;
  19. idler pulley;
  20. idler pulley bearings;
  1. flywheel (excluding teeth);
  2. rocker arms;
  3. rocker shafts;
  4. rocker bearings;
  5. cylinder head valves;
  6. valve seals;
  7. valve seats;
  8. valve lifters;
  9. valve springs;
  10. valve retainers;
  11. push rods;
  12. water pump;
  13. oil pump;
  14. oil pump housing;
  15. harmonic balancer;
  16. oil pan (excluding drain plug threads);
  17. intake manifold;
  18. exhaust manifold (excluding manifold and convertor assembly);
  19. valve covers;
  20. engine mounts;
  21. diesel fuel injection pump
  22. diesel vacuum pump; and
  23. seals and gaskets related to the repair of the parts and components listed.

Please Note:

All work done will have a Deductible amount of two hundred dollars ($200) plus GST and all applicable taxes. You will be required to pay per repair visit on covered Breakdowns. Should a covered Breakdown take more than one visit to repair, only one Deductible will apply for that Breakdown. Coverage DOES NOT take effect until 90 days has passed from the effective date or the customer has driven 5,000 km in the covered vehicle.


Maintenance Requirements

The oil and filter needs to be changed, and your tires must be rotated at the service department of the selling Dealership or an Affiliated Dealership. “Do-It-Yourself” maintenance and repairs are NOT permitted. The maintenance must be completed within 1,500 kilometres of the selected service intervals below.

  • In addition, you are required to perform all other maintenance procedures as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If the vehicle is more than 500 kilometres away from the selling dealership or an affiliated dealership, you can take the vehicle to any licensed repair facility.
  • You will be required to hold on to all verifiable maintenance records and receipts for any and all service work performed.
  • The receipts will need to indicate the date the work was performed, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the odometer reading on the date the service work was done, and the required parts, labour, and

Limits of Liability

  1.  Per Repair Visit – Our liability for any one (1) repair visit shall in no event exceed the Canadian Black Book Wholesale value of Your Vehicle at the time of said repair visit.
  2. Aggregate – The total of all benefits paid or payable while this Policy is in force shall not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) including taxes and fees.


Oil & Filter Change Interval Tire Rotation Service Interval
5,000 kms or 8,000 kms 10,000 kms or 16,000 kms


Ineligible Vehicles

The following vehicles are not eligible under this Policy:

  • If the Vehicle is used for commercial or business purposes of any sort;
  • If the Vehicle is used for any of the following purposes: a rental vehicle; a limousine, taxi, or any other vehicle to transport people, equipment, or other goods for a fee; a tow or haul vehicle (recreational towing is permitted so long as the Vehicle is equipped with a factory installed or factory-authorized tow package and the weight limits for the factory-installed or factory-authorized tow package are adhered to); a snowplowing or snow removal vehicle; a job-site activity vehicle; a vehicle to haul heavy product, tools, materials or any other goods for the purpose of job-site activity; a police or emergency use vehicle; a courier or delivery vehicle; a driving school vehicle; a road repair operation vehicle; a racing or competitive driving vehicle;
  • If the Vehicle is operated off-road or on logging roads, oil field roads and adjacent sites, or any other location that does not constitute a publicly travelled and maintained road, as determined by us in our sole discretion;
  • If the Vehicle has been used in connection with the commission of a criminal offence;
  • If the Vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating over 6,125 kg (13,500 lbs);
  • If the Vehicle is registered outside of Canada or the U.S.;
  • If the Vehicle was not manufactured for distribution in Canada or the U.S.;
  • If the original manufacturer’s Warranty has ever been cancelled or voided for any reason, unless it has been cancelled or voided solely because the Vehicle was imported from another country;
  • If the Vehicle has been modified in any way from the original factory build in a manner that is material to the risk subject to Coverage under this Policy, including, but not limited to, the installation of any of the following modifications: supercharger, turbocharger, computer enhancement, and intake or exhaust system alteration;
  • If the Vehicle has ever been declared a total loss or write off by an insurer, is salvage, or was ever listed or sold as salvage;
  • If the odometer in the Vehicle has stopped (unless reported to us immediately and replaced immediately by a franchisee of the Vehicle’s original manufacturer) or if the odometer has been modified or altered in any way (if the odometer has been replaced, both the original and replacement odometer readings must be reported to us at the Policy Effective Date, or if the replacement occurs while the Vehicle is subject to Coverage, at the time of replacement); and
  • If the Vehicle has an engine with more than 10 cylinders, produces more than 500 horsepower, or is a model that is modified by a division, affiliate, or subsidiary of the Vehicle’s original manufacturer that develops high-performance versions of the Vehicle such as Mercedes AMG.

For further information about Key Auto Group’s Lifetime Engine Program, please don’t hesitate to speak with your sales consultant, or contact us at using the form below.